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AdProv is a cutting-edge system based on Hashgraph technology.

Xtremepush is introducing the AdProv Platform to allow digital advertisers to efficiently monitor their online ads for fraud and automatically optimise their delivery.

The Problem

Ad fraud and inaccurate delivery against media plan are rampant in today's programmatic ecosystem. Most participants are incentivized to perpetuate it, and not to prevent it. Out of $1 spent on media, a vast majority (98c) goes to waste. Which means that you're only getting 2 cents of value from $1 spent!


Adprov is the only scalable and zero-latency solution that allows you to prevent any fraud from being delivered in your campaign. In addition, by using Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, we identify and prevent discrepancies between media plan and delivery attributes.

Authenticated &
fraud-free ad tech supply chain

The Ad Tech ecosystem is highly fragmented, opaque and full of fraud and planning-delivery discrepancies. There is structural incentivization for participants to simply "check the box" when it comes to providing a a clean supply chain, and thus not solving the problem. AdProv is providing a platform that only allows whitelisted, authenticated and fraud-free media, data and users by identifying the source and type of fraud and preventing it from delivery. By using Hashgraph distributed ledger technology, we analyze and clean up your supply chain in real time. At a speed of more than 500,000 impression-level transactions per second.

Block inaccurate and fraudulent ad traffic

AdProv allows you to identify and then prevent from delivery ad requests that do not conform with your demands. We do this without having you switch your existing ad-tech or mar-tech vendors!

Block Inaccurate and fraudulent traffic

Adprov for Supply

●Free Provenance analytics

● Reduce OPEX by blocking unauthorized ad delivery

● Certified data accuracy

● Certified Humans

Adprov for Demand

●Free Provenance analytics

● Eliminate fraud – only deliver via whitelisted supply

● Eliminate Plan – Delivery discrepancy

● Quantify third party data accuracy

● Real Time Attribution


AdProv was started to clean up the current ad-tech and mar-tech landscape, by using high-speed distributed ledger, AI and ad-tech into a comprehensive platform.

Tommy Kearns

Co-Founder & Chairman

18 years in mobile technology

Dan Grigorovici

CEO & Co-Founder

20 years in AdTech

Kevin Collins

CTO & Co-Founder

12+ years in Big Data

Bryan Carroll

Co-Founder and Blockchain Expert

The only source of truth

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